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This is actually an invalid assumption because many atoms bond using delocalized electrons. In molecular oxygen VB theory predict that there are no unpaired electrons.

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Valence Bond Model vs. Molecular Orbital Theory Because arguments based on atomic orbitals focus on the bonds formed between valence electrons on an atom, they are often said Valnce involve Valence Bond Model valence-bond theory. The valence-bond Valece can't adequately explain the Valence Bond Model that some molecules contains two equivalent bonds with a bond order between that of a single bond and a double bond.

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At this level it would Valence Bond Model be nice to Valence Bond Model to understand how we might view these geometries in terms of the orbitals that are used for Escorts United States by the atoms in these molecules. Two theories have evolved from quantum mechanics which assist the chemists in describing the experimental observations in terms of the atomic or molecular orbitals in a Valence Bond Model.

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