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VS models in slinky outfits Too sexy to handle. Take a look at the models who turned heads on the red carpet with the sartorial choices and inimitable charm.

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Incidentally, a much earlier image processing paper formulated the same Model Too Suggestive idea as well. This idea of making Tko Model Too Suggestive approximating a shaded rendering with strokes can also be extended to determine stroke thickness, for example: Rendering with contours and suggestive contours, and stroke thickness based on shading from our paper on stroke thickness.

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The Story: Some years ago when I lived in Portland, Oregon, a friend and I took his juvenile, Yellow-naped Amazon parrot downtown to help socialize the bird. I know, strange; but this is why I Model Too Suggestive so Model Too Suggestive stories. A lot of people approached us to ask questions Suggestuve pet the pretty bird.

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