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Bug inflationary universe is a theory of the "bang" of the big bang. Although the standard big Big Bang Big Bang Theory Model Model model can explain much about the evolution of the Universe, there are a few things it cannot explain: The Universe is clumpy. Astronomers, stars, galaxies, clusters of galaxies and even larger structures are sprinkled about.

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A billion years after the big bang, hydrogen atoms were mysteriously torn apart into a soup of ions. Credit: grandunificationtheory. How did it come to be the seemingly infinite place we know of today.

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This theory hypothesizes that the universe as we know it was born in an explosion of tremendous proportions. The three main observations supporting the big bang model are Theofy Hubble expansion, the cosmic microwave background, Big Bang Theory Model the relative primordial abundances Moddl light elements Helium 3 and 4, Deuterium, Lithium.

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